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Full Size Snooker Table Transport

The removals team at Kitson’s Transport often get asked to complete transport jobs for moving games machines or pub games such as pool, both from domestic and commercial customers. One of the team’s recent removals required the team to move a full competition size snooker table. This requires additional preparation and care as a full… Read more »

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Moving Warrington Customer Into Storage

Moving one of our customers for Lowton into storage in Warrington required our storage and removals team to pick the right size unit for the customer’s budget. With over 30 years of experience in packing we can condense you contents into a smaller unit ultimately saving you money on your storage costs. Our storage team also… Read more »

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Heavy Machinery Transport From Wigan to Manchester

Kitson’s Transport are not just your usual removals company the team are also expertly trained in transporting  heavy machinery with specialist equipment designed specifically for the job at hand. The removals team where asked to provide a transport service with a van that had a tail lift to move a heavy piece of machinery to… Read more »

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Family Move From South London to Manchester

Moving house can be a stressful time for any family even if you are moving next door so when a family contacted our removals team request to move from South London to Manchester we knew how daunting a task it may seem for them. Luckily our team are highly experienced in completing full house moves… Read more »

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Moving Home With Fish

When moving house, the prospect of moving your home aquarium to the new location can seem quite daunting and risky. This need not be the case, with some solid preparation and good removals ream at hand you should be able to move the aquarium to your new home problem free. Here are a list of essential… Read more »

Top 10 Moving Tips
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Budget Your House Removal

Moving the house can be a real ordeal, especially if you haven’t done it earlier. It’s quite probable that a number of aspects will be missed out and it will only add to your woes. Most of the times, the actual cost of moving a house also turns out more than what you estimate. If you want to avoid the risk of increasing cost then… Read more »