Top Tips For Packing Clothes
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Top Packing Tips When Moving Home

Whether moving to your dream home in the countryside or getting yourself on the property ladder for the first time, moving can be stressful. There are lots of things to remember but packing efficiently and correctly is one that is often overlooked. Time and time again we see customers who have packed last minute, carelessly… Read more »

Harp Removal and Transportation
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Transportation of a Large Harp

During our time in the professional removals industry one of the most requested transport services that we receive is to transport various pieces of musical instruments and band equipment. We have experience in transporting every type of instrument from full bands to larger individual pieces such as pianos and as you can see below; harps. Harps… Read more »

Antique Bookcase Removal
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Antique Book Case Removal

Due to the incredible care and attention of the Kitson’s Transport Removals team we often find ourselves with requests to remove and transport pieces of antique furniture that are worth a lot of money for collectors. As you can imagine the owners of these pieces of furniture are protective of them; choosing only the best… Read more »

7 Day a Week Removals
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Removals Available 7 Days a Week

We Work Around Your Schedule The removals and transport teams at Kitson’s Transport Ltd understand that you live a busy a lifestyle. Juggling work and kids can leave you with very little opportunity to organise and complete other events such as moving home! Our team are available to book in for removals and transport services 7… Read more »

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What are my Preston storage options?

When moving house it can often be the case that you have a gap in between the leave date of your old property and the moving in date of your new property which provides a problem with what to do with all of your household items such as furniture and heavy white goods. This is… Read more »

Medical Warehouse Removal
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Medicash Warehouse Removal & Relocation

One of the main focuses of the Kitson’s Transport commercial removals team is to relocate businesses or organisations who are expanding or moving to a more suitable location for their requirements. A recent relocation project involved moving the contents of a 10,000 sq/ft warehouse for Medicash in Blackburn to a brand new warehouse in Preston.… Read more »