Moving Home With Dogs
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Top 3 Tips on “De-Petting” Your Home

If you are one of the 13 million households in the UK that have pets that you will be more than familiar with the general mess and smells that most pets leave on a daily basis. While you as a family are quite happy to put up with this territory from owning a pet the… Read more »

Packing Peanuts
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5 Overlooked House Moving Essentials

There are some helpful items that the team at Kitson’s Transport have noticed that are often overlooked when moving house (other than remembering to book us!) Vacuum Storage Bags Vacuum storage bags are infinitely more useful and efficient at storing items such as clothing and towels when compared to boxes or the dreaded bin bags.… Read more »

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Ship Propeller Heavy Item Transport

One of the main specialities of the removals team at Kitson’s Transport is moving heavy items over long distances. Heavy item transport is often avoided by many removal companies due to the difficulties in moving the item. Special equipment is required to lift the item onto the removals van and keep the item in place… Read more »

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Electric Stairlift Removal

One of Kitson’s Transport Removal team’s recent specialist jobs involved the removal of an electric stair lift which was no longer needed in the property. These removals are rare and often require some specialist knowledge of how to remove the lift without damaging the staircase or the wall in which the lift is attached next… Read more »

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Awkward Furniture Removal

The furniture removals team at Kitson’s Transport are no stranger to awkward and potentially difficult jobs. Most of the time the team find that it is the furniture item itself that cause the difficulty; whether the item is fragile, heavy or just awkward to manoeuvre. However sometimes it is the property access paths that can… Read more »

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Specialist Piano Removal

Piano removals are one of the most popular jobs we complete here at Kitson’s Transport Ltd due to the experience that our dedicated piano removals team have with dealing with all sorts of specialist requirements. The latest specialist piano removal required moving a piano from one property to another where both had awkward entrances comprising… Read more »