Top 10 Moving Tips
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Top 10 Tips for Moving Day

Moving day is a whirlwind of excitement that takes a lot of planning and preparation to ensure that everything runs smoothly and you avoid any last minute issues or stress. There’s a lot to think about on the day, and things can get a bit hectic when there’s a number of people moving lots of… Read more »

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Top 7 Mirror Packing Tips

Weve all heard the superstition that smashing a mirror causes seven years bad luck, and nobody wants that worry hanging over their head when facing the stress of a house move, do they? With the all the rushing around and heavy lifting involved in a move, theres often a risk of fragile items like mirrors… Read more »

Broken Glass
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Damage Prone Items During Transport To Remember

When moving home one of the biggest worries that many people have is keeping their items in the same condition from their old property to their new one. This may sound obvious to some but it is easy to forget some items that may need additional thought during the packing preparation. Furniture Often pieces of… Read more »

Top 7 Moving Tasks People Forget
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7 Things People Forget When Moving Home

Moving home is a stressful day for almost everybody to a certain extent. An additional level of stress during any situation can often lead to forgetfulness and mistakes during preparation, especially when its something you are not used to (*Luckily we are vastly experience at it here at Kitsons Transport). Here are the top 7… Read more »

Commercial & Office Removals
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How To Manage The Relocation Of Your Office

Moving an office of any size, whether its a small 5 man office or a multi-department corporate office, is a daunting task for the person in charge and not to mention a significant financial investment. This is why knowing how to prepare, plan and execute your office move is critical to minimise relocation problems and… Read more »

Real costs of moving home
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How much does it really cost to move home?

Here are some costs to consider when moving home, have you thought about how much it can really cost you? Renting? Deal with your deposits Many people when moving home are likely to moving from a rented property and in this case it is easy to forget that any charges incurred to your deposit repayment… Read more »