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1 Week Before You Move

Kitsons Part Loads and Heavy items Removal

Just one week left until you move to your new place! But don’t get too complacent just yet there is still lots to do to make your move day go as smoothly as possible.

  • Get a box sorted for all your important documents such as passport, driving licence and even some emergency “move day” cash for last minute bits and pieces you might need. Don’t put this in the van! Keep it with you.
  • This is now the time to pack up pretty much everything minus the absolute essentials you need to live on and make sure you label everything as informatively as possible so that it easy to unpack everything in the right place when you get to the new property.
  • Have you got all the correct keys for the new property? Are there door codes that you need or access to a gate? Now is the time to check!
  • If there are some companies or people that are likely to send you mail that you have been unable to inform of your new address then you can apply for a mail redirect service from the Royal Mail to have all your mail forwarded on to the new property.
  • The fridge and freezer need defrosting and cleaning out. You will need to try and live off dry foods for a couple of days or even takeaways! Leave the fridge or freezer until the last minute is not recommended as they need a day or two to defrost and dry out before they are able to be moved.
  • Book a time to collect keys to your new home from the Estate Agent, landlord or owner making sure that it is a suitable time to coincide with the removals team arriving. The team don’t want to be sat there with a van full of items waiting for the keys to the property to turn up!

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