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Commercial Removals & Transport

We specialise in Commercial Removals and Transport services tailored to all types of businesses requiring removals. Kitsons Transport Ltd have decades of experience clearing, removing and relocating a variety of commercial properties. Our commercial removals team are effective and reliable with all the necessary specialised equipment needed to complete a stress free relocation or removal of your commercial property. Whether your relocating to a different part of the U.K or are moving one department to another part of your premises our commercial removals service will complete the job hassle free and to the highest possible standard.

We understand as well as big awkward items such as desks, heavy items such as safes and photocopiers there are also valuable items such as computers. With this in mind we take special care with all items to keep everything just the way it left the office, undamaged and in full working order. This is where being an experienced specialist removals company becomes important for you and your business. Our team are fully equipped with all the protection and safety gear to keep all of your items in the same condition when moving to the new location.

If your relocation/removals project is a large one then consistent communication is key. We excel in training our staff to communicate directly to office managers and manager directors alike so that the project runs smoothly and on time. Our staff work can also any weekend to minimise disruption within your business environment whilst the move takes place, reducing the potential of noise and extra people in the office affecting the daily running of your company.

The most successful moves are achieved through partnership, trust and a complete understanding of the needs of the company moving. It requires meticulous planning and faultless execution if the job is to be completed correctly, on time and to budget, which is something that you can guarantee from Kitsons Transport Ltd.

Modern commercial moving companies should be involved right from the start “ the earlier the better. Even at the concept stage, we can provide an initial study on the feasibility and cost of the project as we believe initial project planning is key and can be easily overlooked by many. This will aid the overall planning process, establishing the amount of time the move will take, the likely disruption to the business, and the level of direct involvement required by the companys staff. When the decision has been made to proceed, we can, if required, continue to manage the entire project through to completion. Using us in this way will ensure that the project is managed in the most effective and efficient way. Overall responsibility will remain in one place thus avoiding any confusion during the move, and allow senior management and staff to concentrate on attending to their own business functions.

Safe Contractor Approved Services

Kitsons Transport Ltd are also Safe Contractor approved for all the commercial removals and transport services that we offer.

Kitsons Removals Safe Contractor Approved

Other Commercial Transport Services

As well as the full commercial relocation and removal service we also offer:

-> Temporary Conference Room and Exhibition Installation 

Whether your setting up an important meeting or a temporary exhibition to show off your new products and services we can help with the installation. We will move all the equipment and materials you require to the desired location and completed the installation. Once the even is over we will reverse the process leaving you with nothing to worry about!

-> Machinery and Heavy Equipment Moves

We also move small machinery and heavy equipment up to 500 kg with our tail lifted Luton vans from 1 mile down the road to the other end of the country. Some clients do not need a full size removal truck and by using a smaller van manage to keep costs to a minimum and not paying for something that they do not need.

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