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International Student Storage and Removals

Are you an international student whose academic term is coming to an end? Kitsons Transport Ltd specialise in providing removals and storage services to international students.

Our secure storage solutions allow you to store all your items and boxes over the academic breaks safely and securely while you go back to your home country awaiting the start of the new term. Kitsons storage solutions all ideal for everything from storing boxes of documents and files to storing furniture. We can also pick up the items that you need storing and deliver them for you when you return to the new academic year. Our storage solutions are available for both short term contracts (ideal for the summer break) or long term contracts (such as taking a year out from studies).

The Kitsons Transport team can also provide removals services catered for international students. Many students move from one property to another when the academic year/term changes to a new one and require assistance moving all of their stuff from a to b. If you are in a flat or house share then you can save even more money on the removal by grouping the removal with your housemate removing everyones items in the same day. Our international student removals services are also ideal if you are moving to a new university for the upcoming academic year.

Removals and storage solutions for international students are one of more popular services and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, servicing some of the countrys top universities and colleges, you can be assured that our team have the right expertise for the job

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