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Upright Piano Removals and Disposals

Kitsons Transport are the premier piano removals and disposals company in country with over 30 years of experience in the piano transport industry. We cover removals and disposals of a vast array of pianos including all types of upright pianos.

Upright Piano Removals

Upright pianos are awkward to move and often dont fit in regular household vehicles. Kitsons Transport upright piano removals team use a specially equipped van to transport your piano between properties. Each piano is covered by protective blankets and fasten tightly in place with industry leading removal straps.

Our piano removals team not only take the upmost care with your piano itself but also with your properties. We will inspect properties at both ends before moving the piano out of / into the property to gage a full understanding of the tight corners and anything hazardous along the route. The piano itself is transported using antimark wheel trolleys to keep your floors clean and damage free.

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Upright Piano Disposals

Is your upright piano no longer in working order or your simply dont have room for it anymore? Our piano disposals team are fully licensed to take care of all piano disposals making sure that the disposal is carried out legally with the correct paperwork and also efficiently.

Many councils wont dispose of a piano for you or can take months to complete your request. It is much quicker and safer to use an experienced and licensed piano disposals company such as Kitsons Transport.

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