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Trade Waste Disposal

As of January 2014 it is a requirement that all businesses who regularly transport waste from their premises or as part of their business routine must be registered or use a transport company with a waste carrier licence.

Kitsons Transport are fully registered to handle all commercial waste transport under license number CB/LM3844GD. This means that we are fully licensed to cover the transport and disposal from your business property whether it be a one off waste disposal as part of a removals/clearance job or a regular contracted waste disposal service.

It is under the new legislation that your business must:

–          Make your commercial waste is disposed of at the correct commercial waste points

–          Make your commercial waste is disposed of by licensed contractor and that they hold a valid Waste Carriers Licence such as Kitsons Transport.

–          Keep evidence for at least 2 year of how your rubbish has been disposed. Kitsons provide all legally required documentation for waste removal and disposal.

Fines can be up to £5000 per failure to comply, so why risk it? Call Kitsons Transport today on 0800 328 2207 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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