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Baby Grand Piano Removals and Disposals

Kitsons Transport are the premier piano removals and disposals company in country with over 30 years of experience in the piano transport industry. We cover removals and disposals of a vast array of pianos including baby grand pianos.

Baby Grand Piano Removal

The removal of a baby grand piano requires specialist knowledge from experienced piano movers such as Kitsons Transport as it is important to follow correct methods and best practices to keep the piano in top condition especially if it is to be reused again.

Kitsons Transports piano removal team follow a strict process when moving a baby grand piano which is well practiced. This includes inspecting the way in/out of the properties, measuring doorways, noting tight corners and whether there is any elevation involved. This will allow the removals team to plan out the removal properly keeping the piano and your property(ies) in the same condition as when the team arrived.

The piano removals team will then proceed to take the piano apart starting with the lid and music rack then the centre leg with pedals and finally dismantling the remaining legs. Each part of the piano will be covered in protective blankets before being loaded into the van. The pianos parts are strapped tightly with specialist straps to reduce any movement during transport.

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Baby Grand Piano Disposal

Not only do Kitsons Transport provide a highly regarded piano removals service the team can also dispose of any baby grand piano. Whether the piano is now unwanted or no longer in working condition our team can dispose of the piano efficiently. Each disposal also includes the necessary permits for lawful disposal and destruction of the piano to avoid any tipping fines.

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Working on a budget?

Kitsons Transport North West baby grand piano removals team are currently offering removals and disposals from only £135 every Tuesday. This offer is only available in Bolton, Manchester, Wigan and Warrington areas and the removal/disposal can only take place on a Tuesday. Removals required on any other day of the week are subject to our regular, but still affordable, quotation costs. Call now on 0800 328 2207 or book in your Tuesday removal online.

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