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Kitsons House Removals
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On The Day You Move

This is the last day in your current property so there are a few important things to get right! Make sure you ready well in time for the removals team to arrive to save and delays which may incur costs if you have an agreed time slot. Record all utility meter readings for water, electricity… Read more »

Kitsons Part Loads and Heavy items Removal
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1 Week Before You Move

Just one week left until you move to your new place! But don’t get too complacent just yet there is still lots to do to make your move day go as smoothly as possible. Get a box sorted for all your important documents such as passport, driving licence and even some emergency “move day” cash… Read more »

Commercial & Office Removals
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2 Weeks Before You Move

With only 2 weeks to go before you move home this should now be the time to start finalising some important details that shouldn’t change before move date. Make sure all the right people and organisations are informed of your move! Confirm all the details with the removals team at Kitson’s Transport, although you have… Read more »

Salford House Removals and Clearances
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4 Weeks Before You Move

Now that you are only 4 weeks away from your expected move date it is highly likely that you have confirmed this move in date with your contacts at the new property. This now allows you to start planning the logistic ins and outs of the move to make sure it goes as smooth as… Read more »

Harp Removal and Transportation
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Transportation of a Large Harp

During our time in the professional removals industry one of the most requested transport services that we receive is to transport various pieces of musical instruments and band equipment. We have experience in transporting every type of instrument from full bands to larger individual pieces such as pianos and as you can see below; harps. Harps… Read more »

Antique Bookcase Removal
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Antique Book Case Removal

Due to the incredible care and attention of the Kitson’s Transport Removals team we often find ourselves with requests to remove and transport pieces of antique furniture that are worth a lot of money for collectors. As you can imagine the owners of these pieces of furniture are protective of them; choosing only the best… Read more »

7 Day a Week Removals
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Removals Available 7 Days a Week

We Work Around Your Schedule The removals and transport teams at Kitson’s Transport Ltd understand that you live a busy a lifestyle. Juggling work and kids can leave you with very little opportunity to organise and complete other events such as moving home! Our team are available to book in for removals and transport services 7… Read more »

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What are my Preston storage options?

When moving house it can often be the case that you have a gap in between the leave date of your old property and the moving in date of your new property which provides a problem with what to do with all of your household items such as furniture and heavy white goods. This is… Read more »

Kitsons House Removals
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Best Removals Company in Manchester

Are you looking for a high quality removal service with a professional team that are not only experienced but courteous and understanding to your removal requirements? Look no further than Kitson’s Transport Ltd who, with over 30 years of removal experience, are considered one of the best removal teams in Manchester. Tailored Service No removal… Read more »

Costs to consider when moving home
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Planning to Move House? Hire a Professional

So you have found a perfect new home for you and your family to move into and now it is time to organise moving all of your furniture and belongings (and the kids!) into your new property as efficiently as possible. The first thing many movers think is “Can we do this ourselves?” because “It… Read more »

Heavy Item Removal
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Heavy Commercial Item Removals

Many commercial buildings, from offices to warehouses, often need heavy items such as white goods, technical equipment or machinery moving around the building. Just moving a heavy item itself poses several challenges and risks, but throw in stairs or awkward/bulky items and then the job becomes much harder. This is where an experienced removals team… Read more »

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Are You Moving to Media City in Salford Quays?

Media City in Salford Quays is one of the most attractive and upcoming places to live in the North West. Due to unsurpassed redevelopment schemes in the area and a host of new companies relocating there such as the BBC and significant amount of technology companies it is now a hotspot for both residency and… Read more »

Repairing Flood Damage
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Steps To Reduce Mould After Flood Damage

Unfortunately many homes, especially in the North of the UK, have been severely affected by floods over the recent weeks (as of 07/01/2015). Some building and homes have been damaged beyond repair and are under the care of building insurance companies. Some homes that have been flooded however are repairable and anything you can do… Read more »

Moving Home With Dogs
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Top 3 Tips on “De-Petting” Your Home

If you are one of the 13 million households in the UK that have pets that you will be more than familiar with the general mess and smells that most pets leave on a daily basis. While you as a family are quite happy to put up with this territory from owning a pet the… Read more »

Packing Peanuts
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5 Overlooked House Moving Essentials

There are some helpful items that the team at Kitson’s Transport have noticed that are often overlooked when moving house (other than remembering to book us!) Vacuum Storage Bags Vacuum storage bags are infinitely more useful and efficient at storing items such as clothing and towels when compared to boxes or the dreaded bin bags.… Read more »

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Tips on Moving House in Summer

Be Prepared To make moving day go as smoothly as possible, it helps to know what’s going to happen and when. Creating a plan of action will help you feel more organised and less worried about things going wrong especially if the kids are wanting to try out their new garden in the summer as… Read more »

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How to Make a Rented House a Home

It can be difficult to feel completely at home in a rented property. Most contracts have strict outlines of what you can and can’t do to a rented house or apartment, meaning you can struggle to make the space feel like your own. Being unable to redecorate how you wish can be frustrating, and can… Read more »

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Things To Leave Behind When Moving Home

Buying or renting a new home is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful and difficult when you have a lot of furniture and other belongings to move from your old place to the new. To make moving as easy as possible, it is a good idea to be as well organised, and… Read more »

Top Tips For Packing Clothes
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Top Packing Tips When Moving Home

Whether moving to your dream home in the countryside or getting yourself on the property ladder for the first time, moving can be stressful. There are lots of things to remember but packing efficiently and correctly is one that is often overlooked. Time and time again we see customers who have packed last minute, carelessly… Read more »

Top 10 Moving Tips
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Top 10 Moving House Hacks

Moving house is an exciting time, and one that you don’t want to spend worrying about packing, unpacking, and leaving things behind. To make your day a little easier, we’ve put together our top 10 moving hacks to make your move go as smoothly as possible. Photos, photos, photos. If you can, take photos of… Read more »

Kitsons Transport Ltd piano removals and storage options
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Safe Piano Removals

Many people have pianos in their possession such as upright pianos or baby grand pianos that from time to time need moving. Sometimes this is from one property to another, such as a new home, or simply into a new room in the current property. Moving a piano can be a difficult and dangerous job,… Read more »

Moving Home With Kids
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Top 5 Tips For Moving With Children

Moving home when you have children comes with a set of unique challenges, especially if they are young. Children often don’t like to be unsettled when they are growing up which can prove a problem when moving home. Here are some simple tips to help your move go smoothly for your children. Explain The Reason… Read more »

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Heavy Garden Stone Removal

The removals team at Kitson’s Transport are experts at removing heavy and awkward items from both indoor and outdoor locations! One of the most recent heavy items requiring removal was several very heavy garden stones and garden stone furniture that need to be moved from a garden in Wilmslow all the way to Leicester. Very… Read more »

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Moving Costa Into Storage

The commercial removals team at Kitson’s Transport Ltd recently completed a job moving commercial kitchen units and machinery from a branch of the Costa Coffee network in Manchester to storage in Leigh. The items where all large and very heavy requiring the use of the specially fitted commercial removal van which is fitted with a… Read more »

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Archive of Vintage Glass Negative

One of the latest large jobs completed by the commercial removals team at Kitson’s Transport was classed as a high importance job dealing with a nationally recognised archive of historical negatives dating all the way back to 1860! As the job contained such fragile and irreplaceable items the team at Kitson’s further modified the van… Read more »

Heavy Item Removal
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Ship Propeller Heavy Item Transport

One of the main specialities of the removals team at Kitson’s Transport is moving heavy items over long distances. Heavy item transport is often avoided by many removal companies due to the difficulties in moving the item. Special equipment is required to lift the item onto the removals van and keep the item in place… Read more »

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Electric Stairlift Removal

One of Kitson’s Transport Removal team’s recent specialist jobs involved the removal of an electric stair lift which was no longer needed in the property. These removals are rare and often require some specialist knowledge of how to remove the lift without damaging the staircase or the wall in which the lift is attached next… Read more »

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Awkward Furniture Removal

The furniture removals team at Kitson’s Transport are no stranger to awkward and potentially difficult jobs. Most of the time the team find that it is the furniture item itself that cause the difficulty; whether the item is fragile, heavy or just awkward to manoeuvre. However sometimes it is the property access paths that can… Read more »

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Specialist Piano Removal

Piano removals are one of the most popular jobs we complete here at Kitson’s Transport Ltd due to the experience that our dedicated piano removals team have with dealing with all sorts of specialist requirements. The latest specialist piano removal required moving a piano from one property to another where both had awkward entrances comprising… Read more »

Baby Grand Piano Removal
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Baby Grand Piano Removal

The removal of a baby grand piano requires specialist knowledge from experienced piano movers such as Kitson’s Transport as it is important to follow correct methods and best practices to keep the piano in top condition especially if it is to be reused again. Kitson’s Transport’s piano removal team follow a strict process when moving… Read more »

Harp Removal and Transportation
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Transportation of a Large Harp

During our time in the professional removals industry one of the most requested transport services that we receive is to transport various pieces of musical instruments and band equipment. We have experience in transporting every type of instrument from full bands to larger individual pieces such as pianos and as you can see below; harps. Harps… Read more »


Kitsons Transport removals and light haulage is based in the North West of England covering primarily Manchester, Warrington, Bolton, Wigan and surrounding areas. We are a family run business established for over 20 years and provide a wide range of services from full and part removals (ie, Student 1 bedroom apartments to 4 bedroom Detached Houses).

All our removal personnel are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of the removal industry and we provide the suitable vehicle specific to your requirements with a fleet ranging from an escort van to a transit Luton 3.5 tonne van to the larger 7.5 tonne truck.

Our company covers all of the United Kingdom supplying a seven days a week service.

We supply special protective covers for all your furniture and boxes and packing materials can be supplied on request and can also supply a dismantle and erection service for large furniture and being a family run business we add all those little extras to make sure that you have a no hassle, stress free move. We also specialise in commercial removals, moving offices and small businesses all over the UK.

We understand the headaches office relocations can cause and we make it our main aim to maintain effective communication with the client, ensuring the relocation is completed with as little disturbance to the business as possible. We supply a full packing and installation service (where requested) i.e. dismantling of desks and cupboards and erecting in the new premises.

Furthermore our experience stretches as far as light haulage. We’ve delivered everything from machinery to paper products to office furniture and a great deal more. We can provide an efficient multi drop delivery service with satellite navigation mapping systems delivering direct to the door.

We have many happy customers including some of these featured case studies here.

Kitson's Transport provide high quality removal and transport services to the domestic market. From full house removals, part house removals, single item removals to house clearances we can cover it all.