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Property Clearance Services

5% Off All Removals & Transport QuotesKitsons Transport Ltd have been providing a variety of transport services, including clearances, to both the domestic and commercial markets for over 30 years. Our clearances team are vastly experienced in completing clearances for all types of requirements including clearing out full houses, lofts, basements, offices, garages and more.

Full and Part Clearances

This service includes the removal and disposal of all unwanted furniture and contents from an unoccupied house or office building. We try to recycle whenever possible, and also donate as much as we can to charitable organisations, so they can use or sell on what they can. We dispose of what is left in the correct refuse departments, purchasing the appropriate tipping licenses. We assess each house individually, so that we can provide an accurate personalised quote for your job. All items that required disposal will be accompanied by the correct paperwork for your records.

Sell Your Higher Valuable Reusable Items

In the event that you have valuable furniture or contents that you wish to dispose of, we can arrange a suitable deal, in which we will buy them off you and sell them on if they are in top reusable condition. Well remove and dispose of the items for you, and the cash arrangement will cover the price of the removal, and in some cases leave you with some cash to spare depending on the quality of the items.

If you would like a quote, please call us on 0800 328 2207 – or fill out our online enquiry form. You can also view some of our other clearance services below and some of the major areas that our clearances team cover.


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