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Band Instrument and Equipment Transport

During our many years of providing professional removal services one of the most requested transport services that we receive is to transport various pieces of musical instruments and band equipment. Let us help your band deliver its best performance yet and take care of all the equipment transportation for you!

We can transport your bands equipment to any of your gigs, events or festivals that you have lined up. No longer do you need to split the equipment across a number of your band members cars as our specially equipped removals van is ideal to take all the of bands items in one go.

Not only are all of our transport staff fully trained all of our services are also fully insured so your band equipment is safe in our hands. We will get your instruments to your gig efficiently and safely so you can play your gig without any problems!

Kitson’s Transport have over 30 years of experience in removals of all kinds including being specially trained for heavy and awkward items including all band equipment. There is no other removals team in the business that do a job a efficiently and effectively as the Kitson’s Transport removals team.

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