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Last Minute Removals

Last Minute Removals

Moving house is a stressful time for anybody even when things are going to plan, however, it is often the case that planning and organising a house move becomes disjointed or unexpectedly difficult. From being unable to get a confirmed move-in date or having difficulty collecting the keys at a particular time or even being let down by a removals company that you have already booked in.

There are many things that can cause you to enter panic mode and have to try and book a last-minute house removal. While most of the time a removals company such as Kitson’s Transport Ltd want the customer to confirm their removal date and requirements as early as possible we understand that because of the reasons above and other unforeseen circumstances this is not always possible.

Here at Kitson’s Transport Ltd we always consider every customer’s requirement and with availability 7 days a week, we are often able to fit in last-minute removals without too much hassle!

We take special pride in our house removal service with over 30 years of experience we have put together the perfect package to make your move stress free with the minimum amount of disruption. The Kitson’s Transport Ltd removals team will move anything from student flats to part removals to full house removals covering all of the United Kingdom.

With every removal we provide the team with high-quality equipment to complete the requirements of the job including a bespoke Luton van with 500kg tail-lift, quality quilted covers to protect your furniture, anti mark trolleys to protect your floors, ramps for safety and all the necessary tools is disassemble any furniture if required.

If you are running on borrowed time and need to book a last-minute removal then call us on 0800 328 2207 or fill out our online enquiry form today and check our availability.

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