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2 Weeks Before You Move

Commercial & Office Removals

With only 2 weeks to go before you move home this should now be the time to start finalising some important details that shouldn’t change before move date. Make sure all the right people and organisations are informed of your move!

  • Confirm all the details with the removals team at Kitson’s Transport, although you have probably agreed a quote at this point sometimes new items appear or requirements change slightly inbetween booking the move. Let the team know of any changes and provide all your contact details including permits if they are also required for parking at the new property.
  • Start to disconnect some of your white goods that are not going to be used between now and the move date such as the washing machine and dishwasher. These items need draining and cleaning out before the move to reduce mess and damage. You should also start to disassemble any furniture that cannot go in the van in it’s current state. You can book additional time in with the removals team at Kitson’s Transport to disassemble the furniture and reassemble at the new property!
  • Friends or family can help out if you have pets or kids, trying to negotiate a move while looking after the family can increase stress levels ten fold. Ask for somebody to look after the pets or kids while you sort everything out to make sure the move day goes as smooth as possible.
  • Clear out your shed or garage and make sure you dispose of unused or unwanted items appropriately. Contact your local council if there are any times that cannot be thrown in the regular bins for advice on how to dispose of these correctly.

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