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5 Overlooked House Moving Essentials

Packing Peanuts

There are some helpful items that the team at Kitson’s Transport have noticed that are often overlooked when moving house (other than remembering to book us!)

Vacuum Storage Bags


Vacuum storage bags are infinitely more useful and efficient at storing items such as clothing and towels when compared to boxes or the dreaded bin bags. They are very durable too so they can be reused if you ever find yourself in the situation of moving home again!

Packing Peanuts

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are ideal for protecting the more fragile items that are being stored in cardboard or plastic moving boxes such as crockery. We also recommend wrapping the items in paper first to reduce the chances of them being scratched during transport.

Mattress Protector


Mattresses are notoriously difficult to clean properly if they become dirty or stained which is why we always sleep with covers on them but they also need keeping clean during transport. While you can wrap the mattress in a sheet or cover it is highly recommended to buy a mattress protector or cover to keep it as clean as possible during any house move

Sticky Labels


If you are using a lot of plastic bags or vacuum seal bags to move your items then you are likely going to need to label them so that you can sort them by room or family member. Labelling each bag will make it much easier when you get to your new home for unpacking the bags correctly.

Stanley Knife

Stanley Knife

If you have sealed some of your boxes or bought lots of items for your new home then it can become time consuming and tiresome to awkwardly open each box with your house keys! Save yourself the hassle and buy a stanley knife which are available cheap at most supermarkets and d.i.y stores.

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