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Antique Book Case Removal

Antique Bookcase Removal

Due to the incredible care and attention of the Kitson’s Transport Removals team we often find ourselves with requests to remove and transport pieces of antique furniture that are worth a lot of money for collectors.

As you can imagine the owners of these pieces of furniture are protective of them; choosing only the best people for the job when the time comes to move the item to a new home, deliver to a new seller or to move into secure furniture storage.

The latest piece of collectable antique furniture moved by the antique removals team was this well kept 300 year old bookcase. The owner requested that the item was looked after as well as possible, which may sound obvious, but not everyone who moves these types of items fully understands that care and attention that is required.

Antique Bookcase Removal

Our team arrived on the day of the removal provided with the best equipment possible for the job including:

  • Trolley with anti-mark wheels to allow the team to wheel the bookcase up to the van safely and quickly without damaging or marking the property’s floors.
  • Luton van with 500kg hydraulic tail-lift to allow the removals team to easily lift the book case onto the van
  • Protective blankets so the item can be fully wrapped and protected from any external risk of being damaged.
  • Safety straps in the van to keep the bookcase steady during the transport

With the item being so expensive and collectable our team decided that the best course of action would be to have no other removal items on the van so that the customer had a complete peace of mind that the item had as little risk as possible of damage from other items being moved onto and off the van.

The item was safely delivered to a secure storage unit of the customer’s choice, ready to pick up at a later date.

For more information or to get a personalised quote for an antique removal please call 0800 328 2207, fill out our enquiry form or email and one of our removal specialists will provide you with a quote tailored directly based on your exact requirements.

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