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Awkward Furniture Removal


The furniture removals team at Kitson’s Transport are no stranger to awkward and potentially difficult jobs. Most of the time the team find that it is the furniture item itself that cause the difficulty; whether the item is fragile, heavy or just awkward to manoeuvre. However sometimes it is the property access paths that can cause the issue.

One of the latest furniture removal jobs completed by the team required a large sofa to be moved out of the property. The problem lied with the fact that the sofa could only go out of the back entrance and there was no side passage on the property.


This means that Kitson’s Transport had to solve the conundrum by lifting the sofa over the top of the garage. This required a specially built ramp to assist lifting the sofa onto the top of the garage. The team were more than thankful that the garage had a flat roof to minimise any health and safety issues as you can see from the smile in the above photo!

Our furniture removals team are experts in their field and no matter how difficult you think your removal could be they will always find a solution to match your requirements. Call now free on 0800 328 2207 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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