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Baby Grand Piano Removal

Baby Grand Piano Removal

The removal of a baby grand piano requires specialist knowledge from experienced piano movers such as Kitson’s Transport as it is important to follow correct methods and best practices to keep the piano in top condition especially if it is to be reused again.

Kitson’s Transport’s piano removal team follow a strict process when moving a baby grand piano which is well practiced. This includes inspecting the way in/out of the properties, measuring doorways, noting tight corners and whether there is any elevation involved. This will allow the removals team to plan out the removal properly keeping the piano and your property(ies) in the same condition as when the team arrived.


Using the correct professional piano removals equipment such as safety straps, anti mark trolleys and ramps the ream are able to move pianos (and other large pieces of equipment) into and out of building safely without damaging any floors or items around them.20170131_120504

The team can even transport pianos over fields or gardens if this is the only logical route that you have out of your property.


Ultimately the team’s aim is to always deliver the piano in the exact same condition in which it left your starting property. For more information on the piano removals service call free on 0800 328 2207 or email

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