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Start Up Relocation & Office Moves

There are more new start up companies appearing every day at a higher rate than ever before. This is partly due to the recent government backed start up funds and with the digital age there is a wider scope for gathering customers compared to before.

When starting a new company there are obviously a lot of tasks to complete from finance planning to deciding what your marketing strategy is. In between all of this is the decision to where to locate your new business. While many start up companies use prefurnished shared office spaces this isnt always a practical solution.

Office rent can be quite cheap for simple office spaces, even in the city centres. Many of which offer discounted prices to new companies or lower rents for the first few months. If you decide to take your new company into its own office space then you will need the expertise of Kitsons Transport Ltds commercial removals team to get your company moved in and set up in an efficient and affordable manner.

Often new start up companies rely on used furniture and even donations from more established businesses to get their office set up to be up and running as quickly as people. There are even asset management companies that offer full used office furniture and technology packages. However even though these use items are readily available they are unlikely to have delivery options with them leaving you with the daunting task of loading and transporting all of the items to your new office space. Our team can also assemble the furniture at the new office if necessary and set them in place as per your requirements so you are ready to go from the move day.

The commercial removals team have over 30 years experience in moving office furniture, technology and peripherals. With expert training and high quality equipment the commercial removals team are perfect to make sure you get your company off the ground running with a successful and stress free move.

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