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Donate Your Piano

Kitsons Transport Ltd piano removals and storage options

The removals team at Kitsons Transport Ltd have often found that customers who are moving house, especially those downsizing, cannot take certain large items with them. Pianos regularly fall under this category as many take up a large amount of space and are considered a luxury as opposed to a necessity. It is also often the case that the instruments are simply no longer wanted as members of the family or no longer interested in playing them.

What many of our customers dont realise is that pianos of a good working order do not need to be disposed of. Not only does a disposal cost you additional money with disposal applications but it is a waste of an instrument that can continue being used by somebody else who has the capacity for it.

Who Should I Donate To?

There are many different organisations and individuals that will willingly accept a variety of musical instruments, including pianos, for donation. The most likely organisations are local school music departments, youth clubs, nursing homes, charities and churches (which often run music groups).

If none of these organisations have the need or capacity for a piano then you can look to donate the piano to individuals in your area. Asking around your local neighbourhood is the easiest and most convenient options. If this is unsuccessful then you can post an advert on Craigslist or Gumtree to see if anyone in the local area is interested in the piano. You may even be able to use a piano finding service such as The Piano Agency who can locate somebody to take the piano for you.

You will need to be aware of the removal costs involved of transporting the piano to the potential new owner. Some people may have their own methods of transportation so they can pick the piano up, or they may be willing to pay some of the removal costs with you. It is highly likely that local youth groups and charities do not have the funds available for moving the piano so the costs may need to be fully covered by yourself.

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