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Essential Office Relocation Tips

Office Clearances and Removals

Are you moving your office to a bigger location? Or maybe your home office has been outgrown and you are taking the big step to getting your own office space. If so, there are a few points to consider while preparing to move. Moving your office to a new location, even if it is within the same building, can be a daunting task so here is a break down from the Kitsons Transport Office Removals Team of some essential tips for you during an office relocation.

Let Your Employees Know Early & Keep Them Updated

Ideally it should be written into your employees contracts that the company has the right to upsticks and move to a new location without the say of anyone else. Obviously moving to a new location can affect several people with travel arrangements etc.

Letting your staff know early that your office relocation plan is going ahead will allow all the staff to swallow the need for new travel arrangements and allow them to decide whether they need to get a job or allow them to bring up any concerns that they may have. Allowing staff plenty time to get used to the new arrangements will also limit the chance of staff having difficulty getting to work at your new location on time therefore keeping productivity at a maximum in your office.

You can even go the extra mile and give the staff information on the best transport links to your new location which will be especially useful for those who use public transport.

Let Customers Know Early

Staff are not the only people who need to know of your move early your customers are just as important to the running of your business. This step is even more important if your office is regularly visited by clients and customers.

Put a notice up on your website, on the front of the office entrance and email all your main clients to pre-warn them of the impending office relocation.

Calculate Costs Properly

If your office is small then getting a reliable quote for your removal requirements is much easier as it will be a combination of items that you know need moving and distance to your new location. For bigger offices this becomes more complicated. You need to make sure each department has noted down all their items correctly (see next step).

It is advised that you get a removals expert to come down and inspect the property so they can assess how many items you really have, how many trips are likely, how many manual labour staff are required and if their any difficulties in the property (is their a lift etc).

Begin Organising Early

The bigger your office is, the more important this step becomes. Dont leave organising or packing office items until the day before the move or it will become a very stressful, very long day!

Decide which departments can start packing their items early, leaving the most essential departments for the business to run to the last.

Ask or supervise each department with creating a checklist of all items in their area, identifying which items are fragile, which items are large/heavy and which items are essential for the running of the department.

Start Packing Early

Non-essential items in each department can be packed as early as possible from unused stationery to archived documents. Do you already own your new office location or have access to it? If you do, then great you can start sending non essential items to the new place early (if it’s secure that is). It is also a good idea to send some of the heavier items early and get these out of the way if they aren’t being used. If your office has 3 big office printers can they survive temporarily with 2 then soon after with just 1? This will make the last day of the move much less stressful limiting the amount of rushing when loading the removal vans.


Take this opportunity to rid your office from anything that is no longer used. Make a list of everything in the office that has not been used for a while and then sit down and decide what is really necessary to take across to the new place. Taking over anything that is unlikely to be used again not only takes up space in your new office but will increase the costs of your removal!

You may need to hire a skip to throw anything old into or you can use clearance service to rid all the old junk/furniture out from your office. If you have a big office we recommend putting as much of the junk/old items into one room as possible to make it quicker and easier for any clearance team.

Are your items unused but still in good working order? Maybe you have some old office furniture for example that is no longer being used but is perfectly usable for someone else then why not donate, recycle or even sell the item. This will save space your removal van come move day therefore saving you some money in the long run.

Clean Up

After your big move has gone successfully then make sure you clean up the old office after yourself, there is bound to be some leftover items that need scrapping or somebody has forgotten a box. This is a very important step if you were renting the old office as this could have implications with the exit of your lease.

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