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Expect The Unexpected When Moving Home

Expect the unexpected when moving home

Expect The Unexpected When Moving Home

Moving house is often a stressful experience at the best of times but there are many variables that are often unaccounted for that can easily scupper a successful move or make it that little bit more stressful.

Estate Agent Delays

Estate agents, especially if you are a renter, can often be an issue on the day of your move by being late with keys or not providing sufficient information (where is your designated parking space, where are your bins etc). If possible to reduce the chance of delays we recommend that you try and get the keys to your new property in advance of move day. This will allow you to check the keys actually work for the property and enable you to gather your bearings around the place before moving all of your stuff in.

Broken Lifts

If you are moving into (or from) an apartment block then it is highly likely that you are relying on the lift for moving boxes and items from one property to the next. Check the working order of the lifts the day before your move, although this won’t give you an opportunity to get them fixed in time it will prepare you for the additional manual labour that is now apparent.

Boxes are Overfilled

When packing items into boxes and packaging it is easy to overfill them if you are not careful and this in turn makes them too heavy or dangerous to carry. If this happens it will take extra time

out of your move day to unpack them and separate the items out. Before move day check that all your packed items are safe to carry and mark any boxes that could potentially considered heavy.

The New House Has Problems

You have spent a lot of money moving into a new property so you would expect everything to be in full working order, and in theory so you should. However this is not always the eventual outcome. It is common to find problems in your property from doors/windows not closing properly to even some questionable electrics. We recommend that you fully inspect the house, testing everything you possibly can, before moving day. This will mean that you can get any problems you find sorted beforehand which should reduce the stress of the big move.

No Utilities

The house should have power and water facilities from the previous owners or tenants, this might not be the case though especially if they were bad non paying residents. The property could have been cut off long before you planned on moving in. Check what companies are supposed to provide utilities to the property and make sure that the accounts are swapped over to your name and up and running just before you move into the property. Also remember that other non essential utilities will also not be turned on such as broadband, this can also be sorted out at an earlier time than move in day but only if the previous tenants have already left and cancelled their own broadband account.

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