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Give Stuff Away When Moving

Give stuff away when moving

We have probably all been there, ready to move house or property and during sorting out the packing realise how much stuff we really have. What many people fail to do is ask himself do I really need all of this stuff? Are their any items here that other people could make use of?

Its at this point that Kitsons Transport Ltd recommend sorting the items out and picking out the items that you will never use again. The less items you have for moving means less space taken up on the removals van and could save you some money on your removal costs, but we dont think you should simply throw everything away, not only will this fill up your bin very quickly its also a waste if the items are reusable to somebody else.

Here are some tips from the Kitsons Transport Ltd removals team on passing on these unwanted items.

Charity Shops or Organisations

One of the most obvious avenues of giving items away are charity shops. Many charity shops take a variety of items from electricals, furniture and clothes. However it is worth checking with the charity what the quality guidelines are, for example many town centre charity shops that resell on the items will need them to be in good condition for them to be able to sell. Organisations that pass on the items to communities and foreign aid however are less likely to be concerned with the items being of a certain quality standard.

Car Boot or Garden œSale

Most people using these œsales to make money back on items that they dont want but it doesnt mean that you have to charge for the items. If you are running the sale from your own garden or driveway then there are no costs you need to cover. There are many people in your community that are likely to benefit and be very appreciative of picking some items for free. Tell your community and neighbours in good time that you plan to hold the give away then you can sure that you wont be stood in the garden on your own all day still possessing items that you dont need!

Local Art or Diy Enthusiasts

There are some items that you may have that are simply in poor condition however items like furniture, plant pots and old clothes are often used by people with creative minds to create art pieces or simply to restore the item to a reusable state. Check out some of the creative stuff on Pinterest that people have created for some ideas of your own if you think you can have a go at it yourself.

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