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How To Collect Moving Boxes For Free

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When moving to a new home the costs of the move can quickly stack up from hiring the removals team themselves to getting materials for packing. This being said there are several ways you can reduce the costs of your removal including trying to accumulate moving boxes for free.

Ask Recent Movers

Do you have any family or friends who have recently moved? If you do then it is highly likely that they still have some boxes that they used for packing with. If they do have some boxes you can use then inspect the condition of them, just because they are free doesn’t mean they are good enough to use. If the boxes are damaged or damp then they could split open and ruin any items you have inside them.

If you dont have any family or friends but are moving into a newly built estate then it might be worth asking your future neighbours there to see if they have moved in recently and can use their boxes.

Local Stores

Shops in your local area regularly get deliveries of products and items that are contained in cardboard boxes, although most of these shops are required to recycle the cardboard properly there is no reason why they cant give you the boxes instead.

Check out grocery stores, electronics stores and department stores as your first port of calls as these are the most likely to have decent sized cardboard boxes that could be used for moving.

Save From Your Deliveries

Are you buying new furniture, white goods or electronics in preparation for moving to your new property? If you are then great, you can save the boxes that these items come in and collect your own pile of recycled boxes ready for the the big move date.

Although Kitsons Transport Ltd stock our own selection of packing materials that you can buy on move day we support the recycling of boxes and storage utensils to keep your costs down and to reduce unnecessary waste.

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