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How to Make a Rented House a Home


It can be difficult to feel completely at home in a rented property. Most contracts have strict outlines of what you can and can’t do to a rented house or apartment, meaning you can struggle to make the space feel like your own. Being unable to redecorate how you wish can be frustrating, and can mean you never feel really settled and comfortable.

However, just because you’re renting, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and add your personal touch to the place. Here are our tips for how to make a rented house a home.

No paint? No problem!

You may not be allowed to paint the walls in your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change the look and feel of a room. Wall stickers and decals are becoming increasingly popular, and are an easy way to add some colour or a pretty pattern to an otherwise plain, boring wall. They are easy to add and can be removed with no fuss. Wall stickers are inexpensive, and are great for making a feature wall, such as over a fireplace or above your bed. Stickers are also great for kids’ rooms.

Get creative with spray paint

If wall stickers aren’t your style, why not take a look at the furniture you already have, and see how it can fit in with the colour scheme. ‘Upcycling’ (modifying an existing piece of furniture) is on the rise, so invest in some spray paint and get to work on your furniture and accessories, to make them complement the walls.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

If your apartment or house came furnished, you can make it feel more like your own by giving the existing furnishings a makeover with accessories. Buy a large, colourful throw and cover up a plain sofa, and then add some cushions to finish the look. Fill up shelves and surfaces with vases, ornaments, and scented candles. Little personal knick knacks around the house make a huge difference.

Frame it

There’s no better way to add a personal touch to a space than to fill it with photographs of yourself,  your family and your friends. Buy a pack of matching frames and print off your favourite photographs, then dot them around the house, making sure to have at least one or two in each room. The familiarity of the faces in the photos will instantly make you feel more comfortable, which will help you feel more at home.

Though you may not be allowed to stick nails in the wall, you can buy adhesive picture hanging strips which will allow you to easily hang frames from the wall. These are good value, and are very easy to add and then remove when needed.

Light up the room

One thing you can easily replace is a lighting fixture; simply take it down and make sure to store it in a safe place until you move out. Replacing ugly or plain lighting fixtures with something bright and eye catching does wonders for the overall look of the room. Why not even go for a statement piece, such as a chandelier. You can also take this with you when you move, which will help make your next place instantly familiar.

Plant some love

Plants are a great way to bring life to a room…quite literally! Invest in some potted plants and place them strategically around your home, keeping in mind the temperature and how much light they need to thrive. If you have a green thumb, you could buy some seeds and grow your own plants, or maybe even an indoor herb garden. This will not only brighten up the house, but it will also give you a sense of achievement…as long as you keep them alive!

Create your own storage

If the house or apartment doesn’t have a lot of storage space, invest in a sturdy bookcase. A bookcase doesn’t need to be fixed to the wall like mounted shelves, but provides plenty of space to store any number of things. Not only can you put your books on display, but you could also add artwork, picture frames, ornaments and anything else you can think of to the shelves. Not only is this a good storage solution, but it also makes a great feature to brighten up a room and make it more interesting.

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