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Manual Handling Tips

Kitsons Part Loads and Heavy items Removal

Lifting Safety

Here at Kitsons Removals we believe it is paramount that health and safety is the first consideration when complete a house removal.

Although the Kitsons removals team can handle all of the heavy lifting on the day of your move we understand that while you are packing and preparing items for removal it is likely that you will be doing some manual and potentially heavy lifting of your own.

To save your self from an injury that may affect your ability to prepare for your house move we recommend that you read the following tips for lifting heavy and awkward items during your preparation for the house move.

Check the Object

Not all objects are difficult to lift because of heavy weight, some are large or have no handles or solid gripping points. Check the object that you are trying to move, firstly determine if the object is light enough for you to move. If the object is too heavy then you may have to get extra help, members of our removals team or even specialist equipment to move the object.

If you think that you have the required strength to move the object then check the object for gripping points or handles. You should always protect the safety of your fingers and hands by using handles if there are any or solid gripping points.

Lastly whilst inspecting the object make sure that it is packed correctly. Did you pack it yourself? If not make sure who ever did knew how to pack correctly. Make sure boxes are sealed so they do not get damaged or items fall out when attempting to move the item.

Lifting the Object

In most cases the box or item will be on the floor. The most common injury from trying to lift heavy objects off the floor is back injuries. Sometimes these can be serious and lead to problems later in life so it is imperative that your protect your back the best that you can during all lifting movements.

Securely grip the item or box and squat to the floor keeping your back straight. If you are struggling to keep your back straight keep your eyes focused on something in front of you (clock on a wall, mirror etc), the most common cause of people bending their back when lifting is looking down at the object whilst attempting the lift. Keeping your back straight and looking forward squat up using your legs as the driving force. You should lift at a steady pace, lifting too quick can cause unexpected movements increasing the probability of a back injury.

When carrying the object to the new location the same applies when putting it back down on the floor. Squat down slowly without bending your back and place the item on the ground.

Regular Breaks

Take regular breaks during lifting heavy or awkward objects. Once your body becomes tired it is much more likely you will become rushed when lifting items resulting in an injury.

Not Confident? Leave it to the Experts

All of the staff at Kitsons removals undergo manual handling training to make sure that we carry out all of our house removals safely to reduce the risk on site injury. Let us handle the heavy lifting for you so you can enjoy your new home injury free!

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