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House Moving Tips & Check-List

Here are some guidelines and a check-list that you can follow to assist you with your move:

Book in Advance

As soon as you have a confirmed moving date it is advised that you book the removal firm as soon as possible. This will reduce the chance of having to reschedule the moving day if the day you want to complete the move is already fully booked. It will also allow you enough time to keep the removal staff updated with any changes to your package and allows you to ask for advice along the way. Although our company is always prepared, even if you do have to book a last minute package with us we recommend that you book early to allow us to prepare your move as professionally as possible.

Please note Domestic House Removals do not charge for cancellations. We understand that things out of your control sometimes can and do go wrong.  We do ask that you notify us at the earliest opportunity and then we can re-schedule for you.


Do you have an adequate storage solution? You might be surprised to find out how much stuff you actually have when you clear out every room including loft/basement space. It might be necessary for you to store several items temporarily up until the day of the move. We are happy to assist you with booking temporary storage, we will also take the items there for you. Please visit our Storage page.


Having the right packing materials is always crucial and its usually one that people do not prepare properly. We can provide you with all the materials you need pack all items sufficiently. We can even do most of the packing for you, especially with those heavy and awkward items.

Ideally you need to get a plan  together of everything you plan to take with you and everything you want to dispose of. That way things will not get mixed up on the day and will lead to a less stressful moving day.  Once you have made your packing and removal items plan then begin to dispose of the items you do not wish to keep first. This will help clear space for the move out date. If you require a member of our team to dispose of items for you then it is recommended that we do this on a separate day before the move out date, especially if there are a lot of disposable items.

If you plan on packing some or all of the items yourself then the average household should begin packing 2 weeks before the scheduled move in date. This early start to the packing allows you to separate each room to a different day, and allows you plenty of time to check over everything to make sure your packing materials are sufficient and nothing is going to be missed.

Only the essential items should be left to the last couple of days so no delays are likely to happen on move day.

Our team of trained removal staff can pack items for you, we recommend that you at least hire our staff to pack large, essential, expensive or delicate items for you. This way you are sure to be provided with the best service possible for your goods to make sure they arrive at your new home in one piece.

If you require packing materials please check our Packing Materials section to view the items we offer.


Don’t forget that once you move to your new address you will need to notify all the companies you are registered with so that important mail will follow you to your new home. It is advised you let companies know in advance so 2 weeks before your move in date is an ideal time to start letting all the companies know when and where you are moving to. This allows them to update their records in ample time as some companies such as banks will take at least a few days to update their information as they often require a written application and proof of the new address.

You can also ask your local post office to forward your mail to your new address just in case any other mail gets sent to the old address.


If you have pets then moving home can be stressful for them too especially when there is a lot happening on move day. It is recommended that you take your pets to a friends/relatives for a couple of days while the move takes place, or a pets home such as a kennels. This will also reduce the risk of the pets getting in the way of the move which could potentially become dangerous (e.g running under a removal staff members feet whilst moving a heavy item).


Even with the greatest care taken, we cannot guarantee that your personal and cherished belongings won’t get damaged in transit. This is why we offer suitable insurance cover as part of our service. Insurance is not only important, it’s common sense. Even if using another company make sure that insurance is in place.

Mains Services

When you have your confirmed date from your solicitor make arrangements to have your gas/electric/telephone etc disconnected and meters read.

Passports/Money/Handbags/documents/night away bag – (personal items you want to take with you for the move)

Always be sure that the men cannot pack these items away with your removal goods. Keep them out of the way so that errors cannot be made.

Deep Freezers

Run down the stocks of your deep freeze as much as possible. Freezers are not designed to be moved whilst loaded. No insurers will accept responsibility for any deterioration of the contents.


Light items may be left in drawers but heavier items such as books, files or tools should be removed and packed separately.

Parking & Access

If there are parking restrictions at either location it will be necessary for you to obtain the relevant exemptions/permissions. Also let us know if there are any other difficulties getting access to your new home – narrow streets, overhanging trees,
low bridges/gates, small doorways, spiral staircase etc.. If you are moving to a multi storey building check if there is a lift that can be used for furniture and if possible make arrangements for priority use for the day.

Final Check

When the team say they have finished loading carefully check around the house to be sure that nothing has been left behind, or that they have not loaded something you wanted left.

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