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Moving Home With Dogs

Moving Home With Dogs

Many of the removals we have completed over the years have been with families who have a dog(s) which has the potential to make the move even more stressful. The removals team at Kitsons Transport Ltd have gathered a list of tips and common issues you may face moving homes when you have pet dogs.

Visit Your New Home / Area

If it is possible then take the dog to the new area you are moving to before the move, the more times the better. And if you have the keys to the house then let the dog walk around the new house.

The dog may become anxious or distressed but as you are going back to your home then the dog will quickly calm down. If you are able to do this a few times to dog will become familiar with the new area and wont go completely crazy when you move into the new property permanently.

Breaks When Travelling

Although dogs often get excited to stick their head out of the window, this novelty quickly wears off when the trip is long. The dog needs to be let out of the car to relieve itself and just as importantly to cool down. If there are a few people in the car / van and loads of your stuff then the car could become hot and stuffy which is very uncomfortable for dogs. The less stressed the dogs are when you get to the new property the better!

Keep to the Routine

More often than not dogs are used to being in the same routine every day, from feeding time, to walks at the same time everyday etc. The dogs are sure to notice all of the commotion in the house when packing and getting stuff ready over the pre move period. Make sure that the dogs are less affected by the goings on by keeping to the usual routines to stop the dog from becoming even more confused and stressed.

Treat The Dog

The dog is likely to become inquisitive of what is going on and could start to get in the way of you packing by having a nosey around all the boxes and bags. Try to reinforce the dog to stay away from the boxes by calling them away to another room and treating them when they stay there to allow you to carry on packing. As much as the dogs probably want to help it is unlikely they will be a productive packer!

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