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Old Sofa and Armchair Removals

Old Sofa and Armchair Removals from Kitsons Transport

Do you have an old or unused sofa that you are unable to move from your property yourself? As we all know sofas are far too big to fit in most domestic vehicles and not to mention awkward to carry and move.

Kitsons Transport removals team are vastly experienced in all types of removals with sofa removal being one of our most regular removal jobs. We will take care of moving your old sofa from inside or outside of your property and we can either dispose of the sofa for you (we will get the correct waste disposal forms for your sofa) or we can recycle the sofa for you at a charity of your choice if the sofa is still in good usable condition.

Some charities and councils allow you to apply directly to them to pick up the sofa for you but this can take several weeks if not months to be processed. If you need to have your sofa removed so you have space for your new one sooner rather than later then call Kitsons Transport on 0800 328 2207 or fill out our online enquiry form.

Please note that if you do leave your sofa outside make sure that it is on the grounds of your property and not left on public pathways or roads as you could be fined for tipping by the council.

If you have more than item including your sofa then check out our full removal packages

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