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On The Day You Move

Kitsons House Removals

This is the last day in your current property so there are a few important things to get right! Make sure you ready well in time for the removals team to arrive to save and delays which may incur costs if you have an agreed time slot.

  • Record all utility meter readings for water, electricity and gas it is probably best to take photos of these so the date is timestamped into the image for verification if there are any disagreements going forward.
  • Strip all your beds and curtains and packing them as your final items to get ready for the van/
  • Although you should have labelled which items and boxes are fragile it is recommended to remind the removals time which ones these are just in case these labels are not immediately obvious!
  • There should always be one person in the property until the movers are done so that they can double check that all items are taken that needs to go on the van and that the property is locked and secured before leaving and handing the keys over to the news owners and/or landlord.
  • Make sure that all the utilities are off and you could even disconnect the water mains so that no new bills are incurred.
  • Head off to your new home to meet the removals team at the other side!

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