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How to Pack Clothes For Moving House

Top Tips For Packing Clothes

One part of the moving process that is often overlooked is factoring in the packing of clothes. Nearly everyone who moves house doesnt realise how many clothes they actually own which can cause an unnecessary last minute panic when needing to pack them into the removals van. Here are some top tips from Kitson’s Transport to help you pack your clothes efficiently for the big move.

Clearout Opportunity

Moving house is a perfect opportunity to clear out a lot of the old items that you no longer use and clothing is no different. Have a good sort through your clothes and throw away anything that is unwearable, damaged we mean not out of a fashion¦while putting wearable clothes that you do not want into a separate pile. These clothes can be bagged up and taken to your local clothes bank or charity shop. You can search online for your local clothes bank.

Packing Materials

Many people use old cardboard boxes and regular bin bags when packing up clothes and while they do the job to a certain extent they can often make the process more difficult especially if you have a lot of clothes. Regular bin bags are likely to rip when over packed with clothes and you also dont want to squash shirts and dresses in bags as they will become very creased.

Kitsons Transport recommend that you consider purchasing wardrobe boxes and vacuum seal bags as well as regular study removal boxes. The vacuum seal bags hold a significant amount of clothes compared to normal bin bags and save a lot of space on the van. This could make the difference between your removal taking one trip or two therefore saving you money and time in the long run.

If you are packing some of the clothes in boxes be careful not to overfill them as they could break or become awkward to carry. Pack lighter clothes in the larger boxes and anything heavier (such as leather jackets) in smaller boxes so you are not tempted to make the boxes too heavy.

You can check out the packing materials that Kitsons Transport stock here.

Group Clothes Together

Try to be organised when packing your clothes. Grouping clothes together in a logical fashion means that you can unpack gradually when you move into your new property instead of having to rush and unpack everything just to find your work uniform or a pair of socks!

You can also pack by season, therefore if you are moving house in the middle of winter you know where your winter clothes will be packed. You can even further separate out your clothing by what you need to wear on the day that you move in and the 1 or 2 days after. It is unlikely you will be wanting to waste too much time in your new home by looking for clothes that you planned to wear that day so think ahead and organise your clothes before packing.

Separate out the shoes from your clothes and pack them in their own box. Shoes are usually dirty, even if they look clean, and can start to smell when packed in boxes so you do not want your clothes to mix in with any shoes.

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