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Packing Essential Tips

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Tips on Packing in Preparation for Moving

Packing your items ready for the big move can be more difficult to get perfect than you think. You will need to make sure that everything that you want to take with you to the new property is properly packed to make sure that the contents are safe and easy to move onto the removal van.

To help you with your house removal here at Kitsons we have come up with some suggestions to assist you packing your items.

Decide What to Take

You may think that you have a lot of stuff to take with you to your new home but do you really need to take everything? If you have been at your current property a long time it is likely that there is a lot of stuff that could actually be thrown away, recycled or taken to a charity shop. The less stuff you pack the less space you will take up on the removal van, you dont want to be doing multiple trips for items that arent used anymore and will clutter up your nice new home!

Correct Packing Materials

Make sure you have adequate packing materials including boxes, packing paper or other protective materials,  cellotape, box labels and even a checklist to make sure everything is packed.

For transporting clothes you can also use vacuum storage bags which are great for packing clothes and saving space.

Kitsons provide all the packing materials that you need, click here.

Start Packing Early

You wont need to be using several of your items on a daily basis so these are the items that you really should be packing as early as possible. The earlier you start packing the easier it will be come removals day, it is likely that if you start packing early you will also start noticing things that you may have forgotten that need packing.

Keep Organised and Label Boxes

Save yourself the stress of not knowing which box contains what by putting labels on each of them. You do not want to be sifting through every box at the other end looking for a kitchen utensil! For fragile items you can also add on the label œFragile so that the removals team will handle the items with care.

Kitsons also recommend that you create a checklist containing information on the boxes that you have packed. Number each box, record each number on your checklist and note down what items are packed inside that box.

Disassembling Furniture

Furniture items are some of the hardest pieces to move between homes. Kitsons can help you dissemble and reassemble furniture but if you need to disassemble some of the furniture yourself make sure that you keep all the screws in a bag/box with a label identifying which piece of furniture they relate too.

Have you already moved everything else and just need some furniture moving? Kitson’s are also experts at furniture removals.

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