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Planning to Move House? Hire a Professional

Costs to consider when moving home

So you have found a perfect new home for you and your family to move into and now it is time to organise moving all of your furniture and belongings (and the kids!) into your new property as efficiently as possible.

The first thing many movers think is “Can we do this ourselves?” because “It will save us money?”. That is often not the case, the implications of moving yourself are not just measurable in finances but also in time, effort and emotional stress. Moving home is difficult at the best of times, why make it harder?

Moving Yourself Could Actually Cost More

Moving furniture and big awkward items is not easy and are prone to being damaged through a variety of event including:

  • Not being carried correctly
  • Not packed adaquetly
  • Dropped or hit against walls on the way out
  • Not secured in the vehicle

The worst part is the damage is highly unlikely to be covered by any insurance, so if you do move yourself and break some of your own items the cost will fall directly on yourself to replace them. This could easily be more than a removal package with professional removal experts.

Professionals Are Trained

Do you really know how to carry certain items? Trained removal experts with significant experience in moving all kinds of household items mean that each item from furniture to white goods gets transport correctly and safely each time.

There is also a very high risk of injuring yourself if you do not have the correct manual handling training, not only would injuring yourself hinder your move it could be a long term problem!

Service Tailored For You

No house move is ever identical with many different permutations possible and often they include things that as a house mover you forget to consider. This is where a personalised removal package takes control for you, making sure that your house move is done exactly right for you, even down to putting the furniture and boxes in the correct rooms at the new property!

Time Savers

Using their experience and knowledge gathered over the years of moving properties professional removal teams are able to decipher the best method of moving your items and even finding the best route to go.

It has happened many times where home movers have attempted to pack their own van or vehicle and misjudged the amount of items they have or even packed them onto the vehicle incorrectly meaning that they have to do an unnecessary second trip.
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