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Safe Piano Removals

Kitsons Transport Ltd piano removals and storage options

Many people have pianos in their possession such as upright pianos or baby grand pianos that from time to time need moving. Sometimes this is from one property to another, such as a new home, or simply into a new room in the current property.

Moving a piano can be a difficult and dangerous job, there really is only one safe way to move a piano and that is to hire a professional piano removals company to do it for you such as Kitsons Transport Ltd. You may think that it is obvious that the team at Kitson’s would say this to get more business but here are some genuine points to think about before attempting to move a heavy piano yourself.

They Are Heavy, Really Heavy

And by heavy, we mean they can get really heavy. Some domestic pianos can easily weigh over 400kg! That is a lot of weight to move between 2, or more, inexperienced piano movers. This therefore can increase the risk of injury to the persons and damage to the piano itself if it is dropped or miscarried in anyway due to the strain of the weight.

A professional piano removals team are trained regularly on techniques for manual handling of heavy objects to reduce the risk of injury and item damage.

They Are Awkward

Although some pianos such as beginner upright pianos look fairly small and easy to move in comparison to your larger versions, they are still considered one of the most awkward items to move. One of the main reasons that pianos can be awkward to move is the simple fact that you can’t tilt them for too long, or in some cases at all. Over tilting pianos when moving them can cause damage to the inside of the instrument rendering the piano unplayable and difficult to fix.

The Casters Aren’t Designed For Moving

Most piano casters may have wheels that look like they can roll the piano around easily but this isn’t the case. Many pianos, especially older ones have the caster simply for decorative purposes. Even if the wheels on the casters do move freely they can either damage/scratch your floors or the casters themselves can break under the pressure of moving. This means that the piano itself needs to be put onto special anti mark piano moving trolleys to move the piano successfully out of your property. The piano removals team at Kitson’s are provided with all the required piano moving equipment such as anti-mark trolleys.

The Piano Needs To Stay Still

If the piano is to be moved to a new property or location altogether then it will need to be put onto a suitable van or truck. As previously mentioned this can be difficult due to the weight of the piano but an additional stumbling block is keeping the piano completely still during transport to eliminate the chance of the piano becoming damaged. A specialist piano removals van (such as the one the Kitson’s team possess) is not only fitted with an electronic tail lift than can move the piano from the ground up into the van but also has specialist security straps fitted to keep the piano in place during transport.

Insurance For The “Just In Case” Moments

Moving a piano, especially between 2 locations, has it’s risks. Employing a professional piano removals company such as Kitson’s Transport Ltd drastically reduces this risk and for additional peace of mind the piano is insured during transport. Moving a piano yourself will mean that during transport it will be uninsured and if damaged the costs for fixing the piano could be higher than hiring a piano removals company in the first place.

Reduce the risks of damaging your piano and call the Kitson’s Transport Ltd Piano Removals Team today free on 0800 328 2207 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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