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Store in Multiple Rooms

Storage Box

As you can imagine even the smallest of removal jobs quickly end up with several boxes of items that need to be loaded onto the van. Many people are still living at the home and trying to live by their normal routine whilst packing and preparing for the move to the new property. This usually results in all the boxes and items being stored in the same room causing a potential nightmare for the removal men.

A great tip to make the removal go smoother is to store the boxes in separate rooms (downstairs if possible!). Group the boxes together that contain similar items and items that will be going in the same room as each other in the new property. Not only will this keep the boxes more organised it also helps the removal men to complete their job quickly and safely. For example if your job requires 2, 3 or more removal men it will be very difficult for them to carry boxes without getting in each others way if the boxes are all stored in the same room.

Don’t forget to label your boxes too so that they can be re-acquainted at the removal destination keeping your items organised.

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