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Switching Utilities When Moving Home

Switch Energy Suppliers When Moving Home

When moving house there are many thing that you need to remember and prepare for during and after the move. An important part of the process that many people leave until the last minute is sorting out the utilities for both properties. We recommend putting this process as a high priority on your to do list as it could save you money!

Property You Are Moving From

Ring your supplier(s) at the latest 2 days before you are moving home, they will be able to calculate your final bill and cancel your supply by using a moving out date that you provide them. It can be expected that the supplier will ask you for a meter reading if applicable. If you are living in a block of apartments where residents do not have access to the meter reading room then you will need to request either:

a) Property management to collect your reading


b) Ask the supplier to send a registered meter reader.

If you are renting the property you will usually be asked to provide proof that the utility accounts have been closed/moved before you are noted down as no longer liable for the bills at the property.

Property You Are Moving To

When moving into a new property there will already be an energy supplier on the books for the property. These will be the suppliers who the previous residents or landlord used. It is advised to ring the suppliers and let them know you have moved into the property so that you discuss the best tariffs available to you.

Make sure that you collect meter readings as soon as you move into the property so that your first bill is accurate otherwise you could be paying for energy usage that is not yours.

I Dont Know Who Supplies my Gas or Electricity

The current supplier will have automatically created an account for you when you first rang and unless you committed to a new tariff over the phone they will have more than likely put you onto their standard/basic rate which can be expensive.

Now is the time to try and save yourself some money, after all you have just spent quite a bit of money moving into your new home! There are many online energy comparison websites that will find the best tariff for you simply based on your postcode and property size. This is a sure way of saving money so make it one of the first things you do when you move into your new property.

Bare in mind that if you choose a new energy supplier than it can take a few weeks to complete the transfer and up until that point you will be charged at the current suppliers rates.

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