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Tips on Moving House in Summer


Be Prepared

To make moving day go as smoothly as possible, it helps to know what’s going to happen and when. Creating a plan of action will help you feel more organised and less worried about things going wrong especially if the kids are wanting to try out their new garden in the summer as soon as they can! Make a note of important times, such as when you can pick up the keys to your new place and when you’re expecting the removals company or any friends who have offered to help to arrive. Note down how many boxes and other pieces of furniture you have and make a list, so that you don’t lose anything along the way. Knowing the order in which you’re going to do things will help you stay on track.

Keep Hydrated

Moving heavy furniture and boxes around all day will make everybody thirsty and hungry; as your fridge will be disconnected, you’ll need to prepare some refreshments beforehand. Sandwiches, fruit and other quick snacks are best. A few bottles of water and flasks of tea or coffee are also a good idea, to keep people from getting dehydrated, and keep energy levels up while working in the additional heat brought on by the summer months.

Avoid Moving on the Weekend

Even though the removals team at Kitson’s Transport Ltd are available 7 days a week we recommend trying to avoid moving properties at the weekends during the summer months if possible. The roads during summer weekends are much busier with people going on holiday or having a day out with the family. Getting caught in this traffic will only result in frustration of not getting the move done as quickly as you would like!

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