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Top 3 Tips on “De-Petting” Your Home

Moving Home With Dogs

If you are one of the 13 million households in the UK that have pets that you will be more than familiar with the general mess and smells that most pets leave on a daily basis. While you as a family are quite happy to put up with this territory from owning a pet the new house owners (or renters) may not be so inclined to incorporate such things in a home that they consider new to their family.

It is especially important to deep clean a house with pets when either moving out of a rented property (otherwise you may not get the deposit back) or when having potential buyers come and view your home before selling.

The Kitson’s Transport team have collated their top 3 tips for “de-petting” your home before moving out.

Deep Clean Your Carpet

No matter how hard you try the basic methods of cleaning/hoovering your carpet just won’t cut it when trying to get rid of any pet evidence from your home. We suggest renting a carpet cleaner and thoroughly cleaning your carpets in the house top to bottom, you’ll be surprised how much pets can make their mark on your carpets!

If you don’t have much free time or have left sorting the house out until the last minute then their are plenty of cleaning companies that offer high quality carpet cleaning services who will be available to deep clean the carpets for you leaving a professional clean while you carry on with the rest of the preparations for moving home.

Remove Pet Dander

A common problem that is often forgotten about is removing the pet dander from your household. Most pets shed their fur at some point and this gets everywhere including in the general air within the property. Pet dander is the main cause of pet allergies with over 8% of the UK population allergic to dogs alone you sure don’t want to ruin the chances of selling your home if someone starts instantly sneezing as soon as they walk through the door.

One of the best ways of removing pet dander from your house is to rent an air purifier which are designed to remove as much contaminants from the air as possible and as a side effect this includes pet dander.

Leave Them With a Family Member

This option doesn’t sound ideal and might not realistically be feasible but if you are currently having people view your home before selling it then you could be reducing your chance of finding a suitable buyer if you are constantly having to repeat points 1 and 2 of cleaning up after your pets before every viewing.

See if it is possible that a family member or trusted friend could look after the pets for a short while until you sell your home, this will reduce the likelihood of you spending large amounts of time on cleaning when you could be spending this on further prep for moving home.

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