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Top 5 Tips For Moving With Children

Moving Home With Kids

Moving home when you have children comes with a set of unique challenges, especially if they are young. Children often don’t like to be unsettled when they are growing up which can prove a problem when moving home. Here are some simple tips to help your move go smoothly for your children.

Explain The Reason For Moving

They may have difficulty understanding exactly the reason you are moving home but it is better to be honest with your children. If you are getting a new home because you need more space, explain that the bigger house will be more fun for the kids. If you are moving for a new job then let the children know that you are moving house to provide for them. This may not make them happy in the short term but they will feel more involved the situation which is a big step to acceptance.

Involve Them With Tasks

If the kids are old enough to be involved, then allow them to be so. If they feel like they have some control of the situation, like helping to organise and pack their own items, they may be less likely to act negatively against the move. If you are buying items for your new home you can even get them to help pick out some of them. This will allow the child to feel like they have had a say in their new home, after all they are living there too!

Visit The New Home Early

Take the children to see the new home early, even more than once. This will allow them to get acquainted with the house and the area in ample time reducing a sudden shock factor if they only saw it for the first time on move day. Doing this will also allow the children to imagine there new home and how their new room will look with all their stuff in it. This can bring some excitement to the children instead of anxiety and worry.

Celebrate When You Move

Everybody loves a good party, no more so than young children. Host yourself a moving in party to give not only the kids, but yourselves too, a fun start to your new chapter. This could also be a good opportunity to meet your neighbours by inviting them round. If they have their own kids then this is an ideal chance for your kids to meet some new friends, allowing them to settle into their new environment quickly.

Give Them Time

Some kids will settle in faster than others, such a drastic change in lifestyle and environment can confuse and disorientate some children. They will come around to the changes and settle in eventually but this may not happen overnight. Allow them ample time to settle in before you start to think that the move has been negative for the family.


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