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Top Tips For Getting Your Rental Deposit Back

Get your rental deposit back

Are you moving properties soon? Whether you are moving out of a rental property into another rental or you have stepped onto the property with your own home getting your deposit back is one of those things that can sometimes be taken for granted.

It is well documented that many people have difficulties getting their full deposit back from their rental home for one reason or another. Lets face it you need that deposit back to cover the cost of moving home (or deposit on your next home). Kitsons Transport Ltd are here to help with some top tips on getting your deposit back.

Read Your Agreement

Believe it or not many landlords/lettings agents have an automatic clause in their tenancy agreements for clean regardless of if you leave the property spotless or not. Although this is unlikely we recommend that you check your agreement for anything else that may be of concern such as what the landlord considers to be acceptable wear and tear.

Fix Simple Problems

If there are small issues around the property that can be fixed easily such as marks on the wall or loose door hinges then fix these even if it means getting a cheap handyman to do the job. Most landlords will charge more than a handyman to fix these issues and you may not get a proof of charges in the form of an invoice. If the walls are particularly dirty or marked then you may have to paint them, buy some cheap paint but make sure its the same colour as the wall when you moved in or this may not be to the liking of the landlord.

Check All Electrics and Replace Bulbs

This is a common one that many tenants fail to do. Check all the electrical appliances such as white goods are working properly and all electric sockets are working. Although you may not be liable to cover the costs of any of these the landlord would appreciate knowing that they arent working. While checking the electrics try all the bulbs in the property including lamps (that arent yours) and replace them. It can be an unwanted shock having to pay top price through your deposit to replace a bunch of bulbs in the house that can be done for cheap. Many local pound / bargain stores stock common bulbs and this is your cheapest way of replacing them.


Although it sounds obvious, cleaning up the property after you have moved all of your stuff out is potentially the most important. The landlord will want to feel like you have left the property in a œwalk in state meaning that he could move somebody else in that day with no issues. Cleaning the property top to bottom paying particular attention to the kitchen, bathroom and carpets. If you dont have the time to clean properly or you arent confident that you can get it clean enough then we suggest hiring a local cleaning company. Many of which specialise in end of tenancy cleaning and negotiating a price with them yourself will save you money compared to a cleaning bill taken out of your deposit.

Take Photos

Photographs on phones and cameras and datestamped at the file level. This means that if you take photos of the condition of the property when you leave you will have a justified back up policy if the landlord wants to charge you for something that you deem unfair.

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