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Top Tips For Storing Your Piano

Kitsons Transport Ltd piano removals and storage options

Tips For Storing Your Piano

Whether you are moving house but dont want to sell or dispose of your piano or you simply need to make some temporary room in your home then you may be thinking of putting your piano into storage. Here are some tips from Kitsons Transport Ltd for storing you piano.

Clean and Inspect Your Piano

When putting your piano into storage take the opportunity to give the piano a good clean (see full piano cleaning tips here). Wipe the keys with a damp cloth and polish the rest of the piano with a safe to use piano polish. Inspect your piano thoroughly for any marks and imperfections and note these down. If you are using a removals company such as Kitsons Transport Ltd then they will also inspect the piano before transportation.

Cover With Blankets

When transporting and storing pianos Kitsons Transport Ltd will cover the piano in protective blankets not only for damage protection but to minimise the amount of dust particles that could enter the piano. If you are using Kitsons for the transport and storage of your piano we can provide storage blankets for your to use.

Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Some pianos can be sensitive to drastic changes in humidity and temperature. When a piano is covered with blankets etc correctly the effect of the humidity is less however you may consider using a climate controlled storage unit if possible. This will help keep your piano in tune during the storage period.

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Use an Expert for Transport

Pianos are very heavy and awkward to transport. A professional piano removals company such as Kitsons Transport Ltd should be used to transport your piano from your property to the storage unit of your choice. This will ensure that the piano is moved correctly minimising the possibility of any damage during the move.

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