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Transportation of a Large Harp

Harp Removal and Transportation

During our time in the professional removals industry one of the most requested transport services that we receive is to transport various pieces of musical instruments and band equipment. We have experience in transporting every type of instrument from full bands to larger individual pieces such as pianos and as you can see below; harps.


Harps are much more expensive, and fragile, than many people realise resulting in them easily becoming damaged if transported incorrectly by amateur or inexperienced removal teams. Here at Kitson’s Transport Ltd we only provide the best removals staff available for every job, so when our owner of the Harp got in touch we made sure that team were correctly trained in the right equipment and techniques to use when moving the harp. Making note of any common issues with parts that need to be cared for in more detail.

This particular harp was transported to a local storage unit for safe keeping and to get it there the team wrapped the harp up in specialist protective blankets, strapped it securely into the customised removal van and unloaded it safely into the storage unit.

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