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Winter Removal Top Tips

Top Tips For Winter Removals

Moving home during the Winter months can be quite a daunting task with freezing temperatures, slippy surfaces and increased traffic problems. Here are some top tips to help make your move go as smooth as possible during the winter months.

Sturdier Packing Materials

You can get away with using lightweight cardboard boxes during summer time however with rain, sleet and snow a real possibility on the day of your move then we recommend using sturdier packing materials such as plastic boxes (which are also reusable!). These will protect your items from winter weather whereas weak cardboard boxes may rip or break if they get wet.

Allow Additional Time

Moving and packing is much more difficult in freezing temperatures. Both the people doing the moving labour and yourselves will need additional breaks to avoid being exposed to the bad weather for long periods of time. The removal driver will also need to drive much more carefully, and probably a lot slower, to avoid any possible chance of the removals van sliding on ice. Our drivers are professionally trained to drive in all conditions and will do their upmost to keep your possessions in the van protected at all times.

Cover Floors and Carpets

Our drivers and removal staff will be conscious of not damaging your property floors during the move however if the weather is bad outside then snow, sleet or rain can cause the floors to become slippery or dirty. We will assist as much as possible to protect your floors during a winter removal however we recommend that you put down old sheets, rugs or towels where possible so they get dirty/wet and not your floor.


Make sure your new property is connected up to a power supplier so you can preheat the new property before the removal is over. After what can be considered a stressful time moving home you dont want to be sat there in the cold as well!

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