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4 Weeks Before You Move

Salford House Removals and Clearances

Now that you are only 4 weeks away from your expected move date it is highly likely that you have confirmed this move in date with your contacts at the new property. This now allows you to start planning the logistic ins and outs of the move to make sure it goes as smooth as possible when moving from A to B! Here are some brief points to run over approximately 4 weeks before you move home.

  • Confirm with your new landlord and/or solicitor a suitable move in date that works for you. Allowing you to collect the keys in ample time!
  • Get a quote for your move from the removals team at Kitson’s Transport, allowing the team to discuss with you any parking permits, special equipment requirements and general packing advice.
  • Consider if there are any items that you need to store in the short term, from unused furniture to items that you plan on selling at auctions. Kitson’s can also assist with storage advice with several highly recommended storage companies.
  • Book in the cleaners for your current property, especially if it is a rental as the most common deduction from deposit bonds is costs of cleaning. Booking in now allows you to make sure you find a reputable cleaner that is available on your required date! There are several websites such as that can help you find cleaners available in your area.
  • If your new property is unfurnished or you plan on replacing your current furniture to suit your new home then 4 weeks before is the ideal time to start shopping around, you may find that certain pieces of furniture or custom items take several weeks for delivery. Make sure you deliver the items to your new address on or after the day of your move or that will be more items that need to go into the removals van that could increase the cost of the move!
  • Read our packing guide and start packing the non-essential items so that you can start to get a better understanding of how much you really have to pack. You may also start to realise how much stuff you don’t actually need to keep and could sell or throw away saving more space.
  • Contact all of your documentation providers such as the DVLA, bank and insurance companies. Some of these companies took up to 4 weeks to transfer details across and provide the new documents to you. This should also give you enough time to correct any details if anything goes wrong before you move into your new home.

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