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Top Packing Tips When Moving Home

Top Tips For Packing Clothes

Whether moving to your dream home in the countryside or getting yourself on the property ladder for the first time, moving can be stressful. There are lots of things to remember but packing efficiently and correctly is one that is often overlooked. Time and time again we see customers who have packed last minute, carelessly throwing everything into insecure boxes and fragile bags. The experts at Kitsons Transport Ltd have gathered some of their top tips to help you pack stress free!

Start Early

As we have just briefly touched upon it is a regular occurrence where people leave everything to the last minute which causes a big headache when coming to pack efficiently and safely.

If your items are packed properly they will not only be much safer during the travel to the new property but will also save space on the removal van which could potentially save you from making more than one trip (therefore costing more money!)

Nominate a Packing Room

When starting to pack early many people like to nominate a packing and storage room in the house if possible. This means that you know where everything is when the time comes to load van but also everywhere in your house won’t be overtaken by boxes and packing materials for weeks on end!

Pack Carefully

When removals day comes you want to be able to pack the removal van as quickly and safely as possible. Even if you have hired the removals team at Kitson’s to help you pack the van we recommend taking the time to consider packing your items properly to make the day easier.

Don’t make the boxes too heavy. Packing too much stuff in one box could not only split the box but will make it difficult to carry. Any heavy items should ideally be packed on their own and clearly labelled so the carrier knows to expect a heavier item, therefore they can go on the bottom on the pile on the van so they are easier to lift off at the other end.

Avoid using bin bags for everything, they take up a lot of room and awkward space on the van. For clothes fold them up into boxes if you have enough or use those holiday suitcases that you have lying around!

Get Supplies

Collect all the supplies you need to pack efficiently as early as possible so you aren’t left rushing around trying to borrow from neighbours or trying to find the nearest shop! Common packing supplies include:

  • Boxes
  • Padding materials
  • Labels
  • Markers
  • Strong packing tape

Informative Labelling

We have all done it scribbled something nonsensical and barely readable thinking that will remember what it really means when you next get round to reading it. Often this isn’t the case! Make sure you label everything properly and clearly. Good labelling tactics include:

  • Using large sticky labels
  • Labelling the room the items came from
  • Labelling the type of items such as “cutlery”
  • Labelling heavy items
  • Labelling fragile items

Correct labelling will give you a much easier time when unloading the van at your new property allowing you to start your new life with a little less chaos and stress.

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