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How to Transport a Computer

Commercial & Office Removals

The removals team at Kitsons Transport Ltd have vast amounts of experience with removing and transporting all types of items and equipment from houses and offices. One of the most popular items we move on a regular basis are computers and their related pieces of equipment. Here are some top tips from our removals team for preparing and moving computers between properties in a bid to keep them in top condition.

Backup Your Data

We strongly suggest that your back your data up just incase there are any issues when booting up your machine after the move, although not all that common it is known that older computers can struggle to reboot and power up after being totally powered down for transportation etc. If you need to access important files for work or for personal details etc then a back up will provide you with some fall back for providing access to these.

There are several backup solutions available from external hard drives and cloud backup solutions. For documents we recommend a cloud solution which gives you immediate access to the file from any other computer that is connected to the internet, ideal for getting access to data quickly if your computer has issues when setting up at the new property or you simply havent got round to setting up yet. Most modern day smartphone are also capable of access cloud data & documents, phones running Android sync up to Google drive very easily.

Other back up solutions include external hard drives. These could be a better solution for backing up full snapshot images of your whole operating system, software or larger files.

See these instructions on setting up a backup to your external drive.

Clean it

Take this opportunity to clean the pc out. If you arent too technically handy then just clean the outside of the PC and the peripherals by wiping down the surfaces. The keyboard can also be cleaned deeper with a compressed air blower and microfiber cloths.

If you have some technical experience and you are confident taking the computer apart then clean the inside of your computer. Using compressed air and specialist cloths you can dust all of the inside of the computer paying special attention to the fans and heat sinks. Further information can be found on this Wikihow guide.

Pack It Properly

If you have bought the PC recently then you may still have the original box lying around, if so then use this to put the PC back into this will make it much easier to transport as well as protecting it further. Pack the box with bubble wrap and packing paper to give it protection against moving around in whichever vehicle you are using to transport the computer.

If you are unable to find the original box that the computer came in then it will be a good idea to source a new one suitable for the transport of a PC. You could buy a new one our try our guide on how to get free removal boxes.

If you need to pack the peripherals such as keyboard, mouse etc in the same box then make sure there is some padding between them all. Preferably wrap them up in packing paper or bubble wrap individually.

If you have cleaned the inside of your computer as suggested in the previous steps then you could pack all of the components separately, wrapping them in static free bags that are specially designed to keep the components in top condition when moving. This will further minimise the chance of the parts rattling around inside the computer during the move.

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